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In the best news we’ve read all week/year the folks in our shops offer the Converse officially redesigned favorite Chuck Taylor All Stars for the first time in 98 years stocks.  For those of you who are in a sneaker panic, don’t be.

We import redesigned changes both major and minor at first glance, but

We’ve also offer best trousers of all kind for all walks of our clienteles, because chinos really aren’t what they used to be, and by that we mean they’re not like your grade-school uniform, thankfully as we’re still tormented by those.

In slimmer fits, flat front options and a wide variety of colors and prints, you can now easily transition from work attire to Because we struggle to meet your styles and boutique of our loving we confirm our commitment to meet all your needs by stocking quality great attire in line with fashion to upkeep your market desire.

We are making headway in offering great investors from the Europe, USA and Asia to partner with us in bringing the best to your door steps in suits, trousers, ties, socks, jackets, shoes and all sorts of boutique. That the jogger pants trend has grown legs for the second year in a row. What started out as more slim fitting sweatpants has now transitioned. Clothing and Fashion Ecommerce Website Templates for Your Online Store.

The clothing and fashion industry calls for an eye-catching, trendy and stunning presence which our division seriously fosters to ensure satisfaction. We offer our source great opportunities to bring their quality products in our stores to showcase and promote the industry in fashion designs.

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 Jascondi Fashion is  a young  entrepreneur  well organized  boutique shop dealership in men and women wares  in the region specializing in clothing and accessory wares industry with head office in Nairobi.

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Jascondi Enterprises Fashions

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Tel: 020-315782

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.